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Aldebaran VI at Port Vincent Sailing Club 2016
Wind speed increased from 18knots to in excess of 22 knots. The programmed race following was cancelled due to wind strength across the race course exceeded the SI 22 knots upper limit. As there was flat water in the bay, it was still a comfortable sail upwind into the club's beach. With care, experienced sailors could have raced! So this is an example of the conditions at Pt. Vincent one can expect when the sea breeze blows across the bay's spit reef. The following morning was a very friendly 7-12 knots with three races being completed.

Sailing Shack video of Mosquitoes at the GLYC Easter Regatta 2014

The birth of Sanity

1990 National Mosquito Catamaran Championships - Ulverstone, Tasmania

Mosquito Catamaran

Mosquito at speed

Victorian Mosquito State Titles 2009

Mosquito Sailing with Spinnaker

Mosquito National Titles 2008

Mosquito with Spinnaker, Victorian State Titles 2008/2009

Mosquito Sailing

Victorian Catamaran Championship 2009