State Titles 2018-19

Victorian State Titles 2018-19

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Lake Boga YC - 9-11 March 2019



MkI (Cat rigged)

1st Shannon Wilson 1781 VooDoo
2nd Stuart Ridge 1752 Nautical Nuts
3rd Michael Anthony 1812 Overture
Handicap/Most Improved
1st Sam Watson 1792 Swiper
2nd Phil Mann 1754 Easy Screw

MkII (Sloop rigged)

1st Neil Joiner
Sam McVilly
1789 Immunity
2nd Mick Floyd
Di Floyd
1802 Totally...
3rd Robert Lott
Alex Lott
1768 Grey Matter
Handicap/Most Improved
1st Trevor Armstrong
Caroline Morgan
1828 The Latest Toy


1st Matt Stone 1833 The Joker
2nd Gary Maskiell 1751 Gone Viral
3rd Tim Shepperd 1791 Brakefree
Handicap/Most Improved
1st Michelle Bursa 1815 Tumultuous
2nd Robbie Lovig 1832 Rangarok

Other Awards

Best placed female skipper Michelle Bursa 1815 Tumultuous
Junior Campbell McEwan 1810 Now What
Encouragement Award Jack Maskiell & Allan Noone
Clap Hanger Shannon Wilson Trailer incineration
Runner up Tim Shepperd Forgot tent
Runner up Matt Stone Ute construction the
night before

Mk I

Series Scores

PlaceSail#NameClassCrewClubRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Score
11781VoodooMosquitoShannon WilsonAYC111114.0
21752Nautical NutsMosquitoStuart RidgeBeYC5224210.0
31812OvertureMosquitoMichael AnthonyBeYC2443413.0
41754Easy ScrewMosquitoPhilip MannBeYC7552315.0
51785Bear TalkMosquitoGarry JohnstoneLBgYC6385721.0
61810Now WhatMosquitoCampbell McEwan10736622.0
71787Try AgainMosquitoTim KennedyLBgYC36781124.0
81792SwiperMosquitoPhilip WatsonBeYC118611530.0
91790PrestissimoMosquitoPeter NikitinGLYC410119932.0
101101ScorpionMosquito CatAllan NooneDYPBC811107833.0
111733CatelMosquitoPeter WhiteLBYC913 (DNF)12101041.0
121825KryptoniteMosquitoMark O'HalloranLBgYC129913 (DNF)1242.0


Series Scores

PlaceSail#NameClassCrewClubRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Score
11789ImmunityMosquitoNeil Joiner
  Sam McVilly
21802Totally...MosquitoMick Floyd
  Di Floyd
31768Grey MatterMosquito SloopRobert Lott
  Alex Lott
31828The Latest ToyMosquitoTrevor Armstrong
  Caroline Morgan
51823ZanzaraMosquitoJustin Prior
  Gina Webster
SoYC65558 (DNF)21.0
61727AtreusMosquitoGreg Lee
  Debra Michell
CRSC57768 (DNF)25.0
71830Wild SideMosquitoOskar Watkinson
  Jack Maskiell
GLYC76678 (DNF)26.0
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Series Scores

PlaceSail#NameClassCrewClubRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Score
11833The JokerMosquitoMatt StoneSoYC131226.0
21751Gone ViralMosquitoGary MaskiellGLYC214178.0
31791BrakefreeMosquitoTim ShepperdGLYC5825113.0
41815TumultuousMosquitoMichelle BursaSSYC8253616.0
51746DoubleShotMosquitoClancy McCollLVYC35311 (DNF)819.0
61757Bucken HellMosquitoPete KielySGYC4784520.0
71794More Than A SplashMosquitoPhilip Warren-SmithRYC6676321.0
71832RangarokMosquitoRobbie LovigSSYC7467421.0
91775Karma CatMosquitoDarrin TomisonGLYC109108936.0
101805Just A ToyMosquitoIan McAlisterLBgYC911 (DNS)911 (DNF)1039.0
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