Boats for sale

1833 - The Joker

1x state champion boat
2x national champion boat (back to back)
PLATFORM (57kgs) Fay Hulls
Full carbon hulls
Carbon center tube
Full length skinny foils (214mm )
Purple colour foils with carbon trailing edge
JK purple rudders with carbon trailing edge
Carbon rudder stocks with carbon 25mm cross arm.
Irwin tramp (tight)
Ronstan 19mm car and track
Harken traveller swivel cleat
Alloy section
 trap wires
Dyform shrouds and dimonds with roll swaged fittings
Alloy spreaders (custom)
8:1 cunningham
Stainless spanner (controls from both sides of boat
Boom with 2:1 outhaul
6:1 mainsheet Harken tripple blocks
Spinnaker pole carbon with internal system
Spinnaker mouth and bag.
Irwin main (2 seasons old)
Irwin kite (2 seasons old)
Reluctant sale
Prices as follows
Platform $14000
Sails + $2000
Rig + $4000
Trailer registered + $1000
Whole package $21,000
Very fast and fined tuned.
Available after nationals.

Will be missed

Contact: Matt Stone

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$ 21000.00